Keeping Promises

Paula-July-2014-170548acbe40b4d9.JPGA PROMISE MADE IS A PROMISE KEPT

During my first five months on council, I have been working very hard to make fair and reasoned decisions and I appreciate the positive feedback I have been receiving. I have kept my promises by making the following decisions in addressing my priorities.

Oppose raising utility rates, fees and taxes on residents
Voted NO on water rate increase [Council approved rate increase—3-2]
– Voted NO on “parking tax” proposal [Council concurred—4-0]

Preserve the integrity of our neighborhoods
Voted NO on demolishing historic residence (Brockmont) [Council approved demolition—3-1]
– Voted NO on construction of new home on substandard lot (Adams Hill) [Council concurred—5-0]
– Voted NO on Overlay Zone Change for mixed-use building (Glenoaks Blvd.) [Council concurred—5-0]
– Voted NO on approval of EIR for 180-unit mixed-use building (Broadway) [Council approved EIR—3-2]

Assure a sustainable city budget
Requested a review and discussion of city pension obligations [Council voted 3-1 to Note and File staff report]
– Voted NO on resolution for the establishment of new job classification titles and compensation adjustments [Council approved resolution–3-1]

Mitigate traffic congestion
Requested a staff report to Council with recommendations on implementing one-way streets and signal synchronization [Report expected in April 2015]

Restore pedestrian and cyclist safety
Supported the police chief’s plan for implementing pedestrian and cycling safety measures and requested a staff report to Council on the immediate implementation of four-way crosswalks and safer crosswalks [Installation of new safer crosswalks is underway in various locations throughout the city]

Advocate for responsible development
Supported Council discussion of methods to reduce or eliminate incentives and bonuses and to impose new impact fees for projects in the Downtown Specific Plan area [Council voted 5-0 to reduce or eliminate incentives and bonuses]
– Supported staff’s proposal to inform developers of new projects that they will be subject, retroactively, to any new incentive and impact fee regulations enacted by Council as a result of pending discussion [Council directed staff to immediately proceed with this procedure]